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Hello, I am Sharon and the founder/creator of Sharon My Style. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in San Francisco Bay Area. I also enjoy doing web development on the side and hope to build Sharon My Style around my interests and passions. I mainly discuss topics like fashion, lifestyle, and my programming experiences on this blog. I decided to create Sharon My Style as an outlet for my inspiration and creativity. I want to showcase my knowledge and ideas to audience. As a kid, my dream career was to be a fashion designer. I always loved playing dress up and reading the magazines for fashion inspiration. Through my interest and love for fashion, I decided to start blogging as an outlet for showcasing my personal styles. Towards my last year of High School, I began learning to code and started getting into web development. I found that I really enjoyed programming and wanted to pursue a career in it. Of course, I was still interested in fashion, and wanted to keep that as a hobby and continue blogging with that mindset. During my college years, I wanted to turn Sharon My Style into its own brand. I wanted to begin sharing my knowledge about programming in hopes of being a resource my readers can turn to for advice on coding. On the other side of Sharon My Style, I wanted to keep it personal and want to share my personal style and personal experiences with the world. 

Sharon My Style embraces transparency, power, and passion. Every week, Sharon My Style shares my outfits of the week, travel stories, college experiences, programming/blogging tips, and discovering hidden gems around the Bay Area. Sharon My Style's goal is to inspire it's readers and hopes to add a bit of encouragement into our everyday lives.

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